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Mother Hid Camera In Her Living Room and Saw What The Babysitter Did To her 4 Year Old. Its Every Parent’s Nightmare!!!! (VIDEO)

 Parents don’t always have the luxury these days that they used to that allowed one of them to stay home on a regular basis.

The fact of the matter is that parents are forced to spend more hours working just to stay afloat that they have few remaining to spend at home with their kids.

This has caused people to take advantage of daycare centers and babysitters across the globe, but we all know the risks which come with that. One mother named Tiffany Fields from Lexington, Kentucky had to hire a babysitter for her son, Luke.

This young boy has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, epilepsy and a heart condition all causing him to require a certain level of constant care.

Eventually she came across Lillian White, a woman who sounded absolutely perfect for the job and was available for the times they needed.

To Miss Fields it seemed like a dream come true, and one less thing to worry about overall – she was very wrong.

Soon after hiring the new babysitter Fields began noticing a change in Lucas’ overall behavior, so she decided to install a hidden camera just to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the babysitter.

The video she recorded horrified her to the point where she immediately fired White and notified police.

Hopefully justice will be served and Lillian White pays a high price for what she did to a helpless child.



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