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Get Rid Of Plaque Buildup, Stains and Bed Breath With Only 1 Natural Oil Trick

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice and it is being used in order to improve the oral health and to detoxify the body. This practice uses pure oils, with the aim to pull harmful fungus, bacteria and other organisms out of the mouth, the throat, the gums and the teeth.

Do you know how this oil pulling is done? It is a very simple practice which includes only coconut or sesame seed oil. You take some of one of these two oils and you swish it around your mouth for a short time. You are supposed to do this every day if you want to improve your oral health. This way, you can remove toxins from your body efficiently and safely, without harming your gums or teeth and you can also cut through plaque.

Oil pulling has amazing health benefits. There is documentation on the internet of the cases of numerous people who have enjoyed the health benefits of oil pulling. We present you a list of 10 incredible benefits of oil pulling to help you improve your health in general:

Reduces Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Halitosis is frequently caused by the by-products of gasses and chemicals produced by bacteria in the mouth and it can be an discomforting social condition. Bad breath can be reduced by eliminating bacteria in your mouth through oil puling. Actually, a research has discovered that in a group of 20 adolescents, the oil pulling practice considerably reduced all markers for bad breath, and was just as efficient as synthetic drug-store mouthwash.

Prevents Diseases of the Gums & Mouth

These diseases include gingivitis, bleeding gums and cavity diseases. The inflammation of the gums is called gingivitis and it occurs when the immune system begins attacking bacteria in the plaque. Considering the fact that coconut oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, it is extremely useful in this case. Cavities are also caused by overload of harmful bacteria and can be reduced by oil pulling.

Can Help Treat TMJ & Jaw Soreness

You can strengthen the jaw by oil pulling and thus alleviate TMJ and other soreness in the jaw area. In the beginning, your jaw might be sore from the swishing, but after a while, it will get stronger and the pain will eventually diminish.

Whitens Teeth

You can now avoid the practice of using chemical-laden white strips and use oil pulling instead. The conventional white strips contain tar, bleach, fluoride, benzene and aluminum, toxins that are highly harmful. Oil pulling whitens the teeth instantly. In only two weeks, you can notice a much brighter, whiter smile and healthier gums and a nice, pink color on your tongue.

Improves Skin Conditions

Getting rid of the toxins from your body improves the skin significantly. All people who have practiced oil pulling say that their skin problems went away after only two weeks of this practice. Oil pulling has helped treating conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and a variety of other dermatitis-related issues.

Alleviates Headaches & Migaraines

Toxic overload in the body can cause headaches and migraines. Even though the conventional theory that tension headaches are caused by widening of the blood vessels and that migraines are caused by constriction of the blood vessels might be true, some recent evidence reveals that the main cause of both tension headaches and migraines is the toxic retention or other tissue irritants in the nervous system. Through oil pulling, you get rid of bacteria and toxins from the body and thus eliminate or reduce tension headaches and migraines.

Full-Body Detox

You can achieve a full-body detox through oil pulling. Many bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi live in our mouth and produce toxins as a by-product. This toxic waste solidifies in our body and can cause different conditions. When our immune system faces excess stress, environmental toxins and poor diet, these organisms that live in our mouth and their toxic waste, spread through the entire body and cause conditions and illnesses as a result of chronic inflammation. By oil pulling you get rid of these foreign invaders and the area of their entry (the mouth) and you prevent their spreading through the entire body, and thus you allow your body to detoxify completely. You will find the benefits amazing.

Supports Normal Kidney & Liver Function

By eliminating toxins from their initial site, which is the mouth, you reduce the stress on the liver and the kidneys to help filter these toxins in case they were spread further in the body. Help your two major detox organs, the kidneys and the liver, to take a break, and start oil pulling now.

Improves Hormone Imbalances

Oil pulling is an excellent way to help the correction of hormone imbalances, the regulation of menstrual cycles and the reducing the symptoms of PMS. If you boost your immune system via toxin elimination in the mouth, you improve the ability of your hormones to function properly. A compromised immunity may throw the woman’s menstrual cycle off balance, so start the practice of oil pulling and regulate your hormones.

Helps Alleviate Asthma & Congestion

Numerous documented cases on the internet have revealed that oil-pulling has helped people eliminate their asthma symptoms and aids them to clear up bronchitis and congestion. These are mostly the result of an inflammatory response in the body and oil pulling can reduce them entirely.

How to Oil Pull:

Traditionally, the mostly used oil for this practice of oil pulling is the sesame seed oil, because it was one of the most common healing oils in the past, when this practice had begun. Nowadays, the virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is available, which has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects, and thus it is the most highly recommended oil as a means for oil pulling.

At a room temperature, the coconut oil is solid, so you probably will have to warm it a little in a little saucer, but not at a too high temperature in order to keep the healing enzymes in it. Yet, you can also put the solid coconut oil in your mouth and let it melt eventually due to the temperature in your mouth, which is warm enough to melt it into a liquid.

The recommended time for this practice is the morning, after you wake up and after you have drank a liter of warm lemon water, which will also help you flush out toxins from the nights cleansing and fasting process.

These are the instructions for oil pulling:

  1. Scoop one or two teaspoons of coconut oil into your mouth. Before engaging in the next step of the process, let the oil melt in the mouth.
  2. Swish the oil in your mouth for about twenty minutes. This time is long enough to break through bacteria and plaque, and not long enough to let the toxins re-absorb back into your saliva glands and mouth.
  3. Spit the oil into a trash can. Avoid spitting this oil into the drain, because you can cause drain clogging. Another thing- do not swallow the oil because if you do, you will swallow a load of toxins.
  4. Rinse your mouth with some warm water. It is better to use warm water than cold, because it feels better and because it cleans the mouth better.
  5. Brush your teeth. Use an all natural and fluoride-free toothpaste to brush your teeth well after the mouth rinsing to make sure that all bacteria is killed.


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