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Every Time You Wake Up At Night To Go To The Bathroom Keep One Eye Closed – The Reason Is Very Important For Your Health

Try these awesome tricks about the human body and be surprised by what it can do!

1. When you want to fall asleep after you wake up

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then you couldn’t go back to sleep? Try going to the bathroom with one closed eye, because if both your eyes are open, the brain will think that it is day and you’ll have difficulties falling asleep again.

2. Loosen the numb limbs

Do you at times feel tingling on your whole body? This is because you ran out of oxygen. Next time, do not try to move them chaotically around to bring them back to normal, but stretch your neck forward and back.

3. When you think that someone thinks about you

Hiccups is taken as a sign that someone is thinking of you, but this only happens because the air gets trapped in the area where air passes, as well as by swallowing a lot of air. To stop this, open your mouth and swallow.

4. When you can’t hold back your tears

Being emotional is not bad, but it’s also embarrassing when in some situations, you can’t hold back the tears. Here’s a useful trick: look into an object and then enumerate all the colors that it has, in order to focus on something else.

5. When you have brain freeze

When you eat your favorite ice dessert too quickly you may feel a stabbing pain in your head. It is the brain that “signals” that there is not enough heat. Warm up the mouth and the top of your mouth using your tongue.

6. Take it easy

Some of you might be afraid to swallow a pill because you might strangle. But next time try this – place the pill in your mouth, take a sip of water and tilt your head forward.

7. Pull your ears to stop headaches

Massaging can relieve headache, but there is another method. Try to pull your ear when you feel that you might have a headache, because this will provide relief. This will switch the temporal bone enough to allow the fresh cerebral spinal fluid to enter and clean the area.

8. Prevent sneezing

To prevent sneezing at a bad time, close your mouth and try to tightly lift your tongue just behind the teeth. There is nothing that annoys you more than.

9. Hold your breath longer

First you need to perform hyperventilation – by taking a few deep breaths in a short period of time, in order to deceive the body thinking that it has a greater supply of oxygen, which gives you more time before you run out of air and your brain starts to “panic”.

10. Overcome your fear

Almost every person in the world is afraid of needles, but here’s a trick for you. You need to cough when you feel the pain. This is probable happening as a result of blood pressure increase or cognitive distraction.


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