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Parents Be Aware: Pregnant Mom Issues Warning To All New Moms About This Virus!!! Must Read


Slapped cheek is a common virus most often affecting children. It’s usually a mild illness with no complications. However, if a pregnant woman catches slapped cheek, it can cause complications and affect her unborn baby. A mum-to-be has written a moving Facebook post to make other parents aware of the potential dangers of slapped cheek in pregnancy.

Mom Had No Idea Why Her Baby Get Redness On Legs Every Day. Then She Found Cereal Box In The Pantry…. All Became Clear Then!!!


We all know that parents want the best for their children, so most of the time they trust baby brands and they purchase products from them. However, those brands are not always safe for children. One such story went viral when a woman posted on Face book an alarming information about her child’s favorite snacks. Her daughter experienced an allergic reaction to a popular brand of cereals.

Dad Couldn’t Figure Out Why Baby Was Crying Uncontrollably All Night… Then He Took Baby’s Sock and Got Stunned!!!


A baby that cries nonstop is nothing to take lightly. It’s scary enough being a new parent, so when you add in the nonstop crying, it elevates the stress. Usually there is a reason for the tears and after parents go through the steps to figure it out, there is a good chance that the end result is gas, hunger or fatigue. After experience, some parents learn what works and what doesn’t work and they may even create their own unique methods to calming a baby.