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When it’s time for baby’s first food?


Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of baby’s life. After that you can start with introducing solid foods. Up to six months baby’s digestive system is not yet fully formed and simply is not ready for something that is not milk. Delaying the introduction of solid foods reduces the risk of allergic reactions. When you think it is time to start with solid foods, you should first consult pediatrician.

Spinach – Green gold. One of the healthiest foods for your children


History and origin of spinach

Spinacia oleracea is botanically name of spinach. Spinacia comes from the Latin word for spine and refers to the prickly seed coat. Oleracea, or the species name, refers to a plant that is edible. It is in the family of Amaranthaceae. Spinach is an original vegetable of the East. It is believed that spinach first have been included in the diets of ancient Persians. The diffusion of spinach into the Mediterranean was almost certainly the result of Arab.

Baby’s first fruit – Apple


Apples are the perfect first fruits, because they contain a small amount of citric acid, which can cause an allergic reaction in infants.

One of the most important nutritional components in apples are two types of fiber – soluble (pectin) and insoluble which normalize intestinal function by preventing constipation and diarrhea.